WizzyWeb 5

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is WizzyWeb?
A: WizzyWeb is a Web-based application development tool for creating Web database and email applications built on open, industry stand technologies. WizzyWeb saves an enormous amount of time creating Web applications because most of the mundane and repetitive tasks involved are completely automated. This not only gets you up and running faster, it also minimizes bugs because all the code is instantly generated. Web designers and non-programmers can jump right in and use WizzyWeb to create real world data entry, report, and email applications with no programming skills whatsoever. However, even if you are a skilled programmer, it makes sense to use WizzyWeb because you will save an enormous amount of time creating Web Apps.

Q: Who is using WizzyWeb?
A: Web developers are using WizzyWeb to create Web applications for Fortune 500 companies down to small and medium size businesses. Also, small business owners are creating Web applications themselves with WizzyWeb for their company Web sites. WizzyWeb is quickly becoming the preferred tool of choice for Web developers all around the world.

Q: I'm not a programmer, can I still use WizzyWeb?
A: Yes. You don't have to be a programmer to be able to create Web Apps with WizzyWeb You will be able to create real Web Apps for your Web site with an unprecedented amount of ease, power and control.

Q: Can I run WizzyWeb on my server?
A: Yes Contact Us and tell us about your company and how you want to use WizzyWeb on your server and we will discuss options.

Q: Can I offer WizzyWeb to my customers/users on my Website as a partnership/private label/co-brand?
A: Yes Contact Us and tell us about your company and how you want to offer WizzyWeb to your customers/users and we will discuss options.

Q: Can I make changes to the HTML page my App is on (outside of WizzyWeb) after I save it?
A: Yes, just do not change any of the Form "Control" (Form element) names or values or your application may not work. However, the best way to make changes is by opening your application back up in WizzyWeb

Q: Can I make changes to the PHP source code in my application after I save it?
A: Yes, if you know PHP. Many programmers are using WizzyWeb to quickly create a Web application which they then manually add more code to. This enables extremely rapid development of advanced Web applications.

Q: Why would I want to save my application as an XML file?
A: There are many good reasons to save your application as an XML file. Here are a few:
You will be able to work on your application over time and not have to finish it all at once in one session
You will be able to make changes if the requirements change (which almost always happens!)
You will be able to update an application instantly as new source code implementations become available in WizzyWeb
You will be able to "transcode" from one programming language to another, (e.g., PHP to Java, Java to ASP, etc.)
More than one person will be able to work on the application. One person can get the application started and hand it off for someone else to finish

To take advantage of all these features, save your application as an XML file simply by clicking the "Save" button and copying and pasting the XML into your favorite text editor and save it to your computer. You will then be able to click the "Open..." button to re-open the XML file at a later time from anywhere on the Internet, Intranet, or Extranet. The XML file is "full fidelity", (i.e., represents the application completely) so if you need to make changes to your application over time, simply re-open the XML file, make changes and click the "Code" button to generate the new source code!

Q: When should I use the PHP PDO option for creating applications?
A: If you are creating PHP applications for MySQL, choose the PHP MySQL option as you will get PHP code optimized for MySQL, making your application faster. If you are creating PHP applications for any other database, (e.g., Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM, etc.), choose the PHP PDO option. That said, you can use PHP PDO for MySQL if you want to, your application just might run a little slower.

Q: What if I don't want to use all the fields from my database in my data entry application, how do I leave out certain fields?
A: Simply select the field you don't want to use from the Object Selector and uncheck the "Visible" and "Required" Properties.

Q: I can't see my application when I am developing it, where is it?
A: Your application is displayed below the "Properties" window as you are developing it. You may need to scroll down to see it. You can also try increasing your monitor resolution to see more of the application preview.

Q: When I try to test my application, it doesn't work or I get a "404 Not Found", what's going on?
A: You need to click the "Run" button to test your application, what you see below the Property window is for previewing your application only. When you click the "Run" button, the source code for your application is generated and executed exactly as it will be on your Web site so that is where you really see exactly how your App looks and works.

Q: I can't or don't want to run my App on my Web site, what do I do?
A: You can run your App on the WizzyWeb Application Server for . Contact Us and let us know exactly what you want to do. Q: My Report master view displays properly, but when I click on a record, I get a "404 Not Found" error, what's going on?
A: You did not save your App source code using the same name as your Report App. You need to name your source code using the same name you entered in the "Name" Property of your Report. For example, if you named your report App "test.php" you also need to name your App source code "test.php"

Q: I am sure I entered my database username, password, database name and database table correctly but I still can't access my database - what's going on?
A: You need to enable "Remote Access" to your database so WizzyWeb can connect to it over the Web. Specifically, enter the WizzyWeb IP address or wizzyweb.com as an "Access Host." in cPanel, phpMyAdmin or whatever application you use to administer your database. Also, make sure you have at least "SELECT" privileges enabled for the user you connect as and "INSERT" to add records to the database.

Q: Can I "Embed" my WizzyWeb App into my Website, another Website, WordPress, etc.?
A: Yes. You do it the same way you Embed a YouTube Video. Below are two examples. If one does not work, try the other.

Embedding a WizzyWeb App with Object & Embed HTML TAGS:

<OBJECT DATA="http://www.yoursite.com/yourAPP.php" WIDTH="640" HEIGHT="480">
<EMBED SRC="http://www.yoursite.com/yourAPP.php" WIDTH="640" HEIGHT="480"></EMBED>

Embedding a WizzyWeb App with an iFrame HTML Tag:

<IFRAME WIDTH="640" HEIGHT="480" SRC="http://www.yoursite.com/yourAPP.php" FRAMEBORDER="0"></IFRAME>

Q: How does WizzyWeb compare with Adobe Cold Fusion
A: WizzyWeb is different from (and better than in our humble) opinion Cold Fusion in 3 major ways. First, WizzyWeb uses standard PHP code, there are no special proprietary "tags" or programming languages used. This gives you the full power of PHP to create and extend your applications. Second, WizzyWeb applications are more secure than Cold Fusion because the application logic in WizzyWeb is not exposed (and able to be changed) in the source HTML in the Browser like it is in Cold Fusion. For example, in Cold Fusion, you could delete the required fields HTML on a form and it is no longer required! Third, WizzyWeb does not require any programming or HTML knowledge. However, if you do know PHP, or HTML, you will (of course) be able to do more with WizzyWeb, it's just not a requirement.

Q: How does WizzyWeb compare with consumer Web App services like Wufoo?
A: WizzyWeb is a professional tool that will enable you to create not only simple, but advanced Web database applications. With WizzyWeb you are not limited to just what a service like Wufoo chooses to offer and try to make simple for the lowest common denominator. Also, WizzyWeb uses industry standard technologies, not proprietary technology. For example, WizzyWeb uses PHP Data Objects (PDO), industry standard databases such as MySQL, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, and Structured Query Language (SQL) to create databases, create tables, select records, insert records, etc. This is very important because SQL is a very powerful (yet easy to use) database language which has stood the test of time over decades which is why Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, MySQL, etc. all use SQL. Also, with WizzyWeb you have complete control over every HTML element and you are not stuck with limited or predefined templates. Also, WizzyWeb generates standard PHP code that will run anywhere PHP can run so you can host your Apps anywhere you want. You can even easily change the database you use in the future. In short, you will not outgrow WizzyWeb because WizzyWeb is built on professional tried and true open standards, not proprietary technology that only runs on one server - a server that you do not control. There is no "vendor lock-in." When you invest in learning WizzyWeb you invest in yourself because everything you learn will be industry standard and be able to be applied today and in your future. It is really a no-brainer because the same powerful open technologies that WizzyWeb uses also make using WizzyWeb easier than a closed/proprietary system.