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Just $5 per App for unlimited use and no monthly fees for self-hosted Apps & just $15 for cloud hosted Apps

NEW BETA! PHP PDO Data Entry Form App from other Database - Select from the File Menu above.
Report Apps with PHP PDO & MySQLi coming soon!

WizzyWebTM IS A POWER TOOL. WizzyWebTM enables you to create professional PHP Reports, Data Entry Forms & Applications with no programming in 1/10th the time it usually takes - an order of magnitude. What's more is breakthrough technology enables you to connect securely live over the Web in real-time to your existing database on your server so you can instantly create Apps from existing databases, tables and data in your databases using standard SQL. In fact, you can even create new databases, tables, use inserts, selects, etc. and seed your App with data using standard SQL - all within WizzyWebTM

WizzyWebTM works natively with MySQL and also with 4D, Cubrid, Firebird, FreeTDS, IBM DB2, IBM Informix Dynamic Server, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL 3.x/4.x/5.x, ODBC v3 (IBM DB2, unixODBC & win32 ODBC), Oracle Call Interface, PostgreSQL, SQL Azure, SQLite 2, SQLite 3 & Sybase via PHP Portable Data Objects (PDO). You can even import/export tab-delimited and CSV files to migrate to a professional system and interoperate with Access, Excel and any system that can work with tab-delimited/CSV "flat files."

Don't have a database? Try the Flat File Data Entry App Wizard & Flat File Report App Wizard

“At just $5 one-time per app for unlimited use and no monthly fees for self-hosted apps and just $15 per year for cloud-hosted apps, not only is WizzyWebTM the most advanced tool of its kind, it is also the most cost effective. There is simply nothing else like WizzyWebTM

“When my clients are ready to migrate to a professional database app system from a consumer one like Wufoo I always recommend WizzyWebTM


      Why WizzyWebTM Is Superior: What You See Is WebTM

  • Generates standard PHP source code, HTML & custom CSS
  • Apps run on your website or in our cloud
  • Connects live over the web to your database in real-time to design, run & test
  • NEW! Custom style sheet support
  • Complete control over every HTML property (full fidelity)
  • Custom user-definable form field validation on each field
  • Custom user-definable error messages for every field
  • Native PHP MySQL database integration
  • Works with most other major databases via PHP PDO
  • Automatic prepared statements/anti-SQL injection code generation
  • Import/Export to and from other databases and tab-delimited/CSV files
  • Easily migrate from a consumer-based app, (e.g., Wufoo) to a professional system
  • Seamless app integration into existing websites
  • Built on 15 years of tried and true technology

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